PATRIOT Series Basketball Goals //

The love of basketball usually starts in the simplest places – in the driveway at home or on the blacktop at school. Unfortunately for many, it also starts on mediocre basketball goals, the kind that rust, topple or break after just a year or two. The American Eagle Goals Patriot Series was designed with that exact problem in mind. The perfect entry level basketball goal for a family, park or school, every Patriot Series goal is guaranteed to provide all-star performance for several years to come.

When choosing a basketball goal for use by all ages, safety is a primary concern. That’s why American Eagle Goals utilizes state of the art anchoring systems and rust-resistant designs to help prevent any sort of injury or damage. For your All-American game, put your trust in a company that uses American parts built and manufactured in the heartland.

Entry Level Basketball Goal Lineup:

Patriot 54: 54″x38″ Backboard
Patriot 60: 60″x40″ Backboard

Every American Eagle Patriot Series basketball goal also features:

  • Precision height adjustment from 7.5’ to regulation 10’ for a wide range of play.
  • 3/4” diameter anchor bolt system to provide easy relocation and consistent stability.
  • Front and rear mounted actuator options for specialized installations.
  • Corrosion-Resistant construction and an industry best Lifetime Limited Warranty to make your love of the game last forever.
Patriot Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop System