Wall Mounted Basketball Goals //

Anyone who’s serious about basketball wants the highest quality basketball goal, but not everyone can install one of our in-ground hoops systems. That’s why we offer our line of Wall Mount Goals, combining professional-grade performance with convenient installation options.

From the clear shatter-resistant backboard to the Pro-Style Flex Rim, each Wall Mount goal looks and feels like a professional grade goal. With the ability to install on almost any surface indoors or out, the Wall Mount Series is perfect for the home, gym or recreation center.

All wall-mounted basketball goals feature corrosion-resistant construction and an industry best Lifetime Limited Warranty to make your love of the game last forever.


Patriot 54” Wall Mounted Basketball Goal
Patriot 60” Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

Each American Eagle Patriot Series Wall Mounted system features:

  • Heavy-Duty mounting frame for a rock solid installation
  • Precision height adjustment from 7.5’ to regulation 10’ for a wide range of play
  • 36” overhang for plenty of safe play area

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PRO //

Pro 60″ Wall Mounted Basketball Goals
Pro 72″ Wall Mounted Basketball Goals

Each American Eagle Pro Series Wall Mounted system features:

  • 4 point telescopic extension arms for complete adjustability during installation
  • Structural mounting pads, safety chains and turnbuckles for additional support
  • Stainless Steel Hardware Standard

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American Eagle Wall Mount Basketball Goal