About Us

We Live Basketball.

For more than 15 years, American Eagle Goals has been proud to design and manufacture America’s best basketball hoops. Using the very latest technology, we build goals perfect for every skill level, from our entry level Patriot Series to our proven Pro Series. You’ll find American Eagle basketball goals in backyards, driveways, churches, schools and basketball academies across the country.

It’s no coincidence that we’re based in Indiana. Our state is most known for three things: corn, auto racing, and basketball. To the rest of the country, it’s just a sport.
Not here.

Year-round Hoosiers pack recreational courts, high school gyms and college arenas to watch the game we love. From front drive blacktops to historic Hinkle Fieldhouse, from John Wooden to Larry Bird, Indiana knows hoops. American Eagle Goals is proud to bring our love of the game to each and every hoop we design.

American Eagle Goals is a subsidiary of Lauck Manufacturing Co., Inc. Lauck Manufacturing is one of America’s oldest sheet metal manufacturers and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more than 100 years, Lauck has been at the forefront of metal manufacturing, and we’re proud to bring that expertise to the world of basketball, creating a lineup of basketball goals designed with durability and versatility in mind.

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pro series rear mount basketball goal
Pro Series Basketball Goal - Installed on a green and blue outdoor basketball court