PATRIOT – Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

Suitable for indoor & outdoor installations!

* Backboard pad is included free of charge

Backboard Size: 60” x 40” Tempered Glass
Backboard Thickness: 3/8” Tempered Glass
Overhang: 36”
Adjustable Height Range: 7.5’ to 10’
Mounting Frame: Heavy-Duty for universal installation applications


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Rim Mount

Direct Connect Goal Attachment

The Pro-Style heavy-duty flex rim attaches directly to the low profile support structure located behind the glass.

  • Engineered to handle aggressive play.
  • Designed to transfer energy directly to support structure.
  • Eliminates stress applied to the glass backboard.
basketball goal rim mount
basketball goal backboard

Clear View Backboard

The difference is clear!

  • Our exclusive structural grade aluminum trim design paired with the low profile steel support structure behind the glass allows for an unobstructed clear view.
  • Our Clear View backboard design provides consistent performance and ball rebound without dead spots.
  • The welded H-arm design provides additional support to the direct connect goal attachment.