In ground basketball hoops offer a premium experience.

Choosing a Basketball Hoop: In Ground vs. Portable Options

Choosing a basketball hoop for your home is an exciting decision, and one that is sure to lead to plenty of evenings spent shooting around with your family. However, this is a significant investment of time, money, and potentially labor. You shouldn’t take it lightly. Taking the time to investigate your options such as in ground or portable basketball hoops will ensure you choose a basketball hoop that will meet your needs and provide plenty of fun for your kids and the entire family.

In Ground Basketball Hoops

An American Eagle in ground basketball hoop provides unmatched stability and durability. They are perfect for installation by driveways, backyard courts, and other outdoor locations. In-ground hoops offer incredible stability over their lifetime, allowing flexibility for growing children to increase their competitive nature and dunk on the hoops with no risk of tip-overs when installed properly. In addition, due to their long lifespan, in-ground hoops frequently feature long-term or lifetime warranties that are not available on portable goals. Overall, an in-ground basketball hoop is a more premium experience.

Portable Basketball Hoops

These hoops are typically marketed to renters or homeowners with restrictive Homeowner Associations where in-ground hoop installations are not a possibility. However, these options do have a lower expected lifespan and can present a potential risk of falling on players who dunk or are more competitive. Portable basketball hoops are self-contained systems that are held in place by a counterweight filled with sand or water, which limits the stability offered. This counterweight creates a larger overall footprint when compared to in ground options. They are also less durable due to their smaller, lighter construction and frequently have smaller backboards than their permanent counterparts. Portable goals frequently blow over in stormy weather, causing damage to vehicles and other property that require costly repairs.

For potential purchasers who can’t select a permanent option, portable hoops offer a flexible solution at an entry-level price. However, they present potential safety concerns and do not offer the performance of their permanent counterparts. In ground hoops are more expensive, but offer a stable and long-term platform for young players to grow up with. They offer a more premium experience for the larger initial investment. If you need help deciding what type of basketball hoop is right for you, contact us to discuss your needs and options.