Man holding basketball up in the air

Preventing Basketball Injuries At Home

Tips to prevent injuries while playing basketball

Basketball is meant to be fun. It can also teach valuable lessons like teamwork, leadership, and communication while serving as a fun way to exercise. But you and your child can’t reap those benefits if injuries are keeping you off the court. Here are some tips to prevent basketball injuries that you can do at home before the ball is tipped.

Injury Prevention Before You Hit The Court

The following tips will help you prepare for the game and prevent injury:

  • It’s Gotta Be The Shoes: Never wear unsafe sneakers while playing basketball. You don’t necessarily need Air Jordans, but be sure your shoes are tied tight and fit correctly. High-top shoes are better to protect your ankles.
  • Guard Your Mouth: They’re not just for football. If you’ve had any previous mouth or teeth injuries, you can prevent further damage by wearing a mouth guard. With sharp elbows flying and other contact likely, wearing a mouth guard can stop or reduce oral injuries.
  • No Jewelry: Leave your jewelry at home. Necklaces and bracelets can lead to a variety of injuries, and pulling earrings can be very painful.
  • Brace Yourself: If necessary, don’t forget knee, ankle or elbow braces or any other safety equipment you may need. Arm sleeves and even leggings have become popular with NBA players as well.

Before you head to the blacktop or gym, make sure you’re properly hydrated and have eaten appropriately. As is the case with any exercise, proper rest beforehand will also increase your chances of preventing any injuries.

Staying Safe While At The Court

Proper equipment, rest and hydration provide a good start. But you’re still susceptible to injury if you don’t prepare correctly. Don’t just show up with your shoes on and start playing full-court defense. Here are a couple tips to help you get ready to play:

  • Make Sure The Surface Is Safe: Don’t play on any courts that have cracks or debris, like many outdoor parks may have. Also be sure to avoid any courts with wet spots. All of those kids with mops during NBA games are there for a reason.
  • Proper Warm Up And Stretching: No matter the age, it’s smart to get your muscles and joints loose and warm before playing basketball. But don’t go into your stretching cold. Move around and get your heart pumping and then stretch out.
  • Stay Warm And Dry: Dress appropriately to keep your muscles warm and your shoes dry. Bring extra clothes with you if you’re heading to play somewhere away from home.

What about when you’re grinding underneath for a rebound or going for a loose ball? Being prepared to prevent basketball injuries only goes so far.

Try To Avoid In-game Injuries

Basketball isn’t a collision sport, but it’s a contact sport. It can be rigorous, fast-paced and accidents happen. Keep these thoughts somewhere in your mind to prevent injuries after you’ve left home and you’re on the court:

  • Follow The Rules: In any sport, the easiest way to get hurt is to not know and follow the rules. Accidents happen, but the game is designed to be safe.
  • Vulnerable Players: If you jump in the air, particularly on a jump shot, it’s possible to land on another player’s foot and turn an ankle. All players should be mindful of when someone is physically vulnerable.
  • No Elbows: Some old NBA stars were known for inflicting pain with their elbows, but that’s not recommended. In fact, swinging an elbow is now a technical foul on many levels.

Bring The Game To Your Court

Of course, you can’t play basketball without a proper goal. Safety precautions and equipment are nice, but the game is best played on a high-level goal so you can hone your game. Finish your safe and dry basketball court with the right goal.

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