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Safety Checklist For Buying Basketball Hoops

Here’s a Checklist to Ensure Safety is Covered When You Buy a Basketball Goal

While very few basketball goals will require additional safety features, it’s important to understand what to look for to guarantee safety. There’s a tremendous variety of goals from in-ground to wall mounts. All are good models, but what do you need to consider for safety on your new basketball court?

Stability Brings Durability

The first safety precaution is to ensure your hoop is stable. No matter if it’s anchored in the ground, on your garage or is held in place at the base, a stable goal that doesn’t move, wobble or shift ensures safety. Particularly over time or if there are older players playing aggressively, you want to make sure you have a safe and stable goal.

That stability will mean durability. Cracked backboards or loose parts can be safety hazards. And the more durable your goal is, the more you’ll get out of it.

Safe Adjustability

Buying an adjustable goal allows for you to set appropriate benchmarks depending on the age, size, and ability of the players. A standard goal stands 10 feet from the ground, but many can be lowered to fit for youngsters. Here are some questions to ask concerning adjustable basketball goals:

  • What is the mechanism for raising and lowering the goal? How is the mechanism protected?
  • What height range does the goal have?
  • How easy is it to move the rim higher or lower? If adjusting the height is a struggle, your goal may be unsafe.

American Eagle’s Patriot Series goals are easily adjustable and are engineered to be maintenance free over the goal’s lifespan. Also, our adjusting mechanism is steel encased and sealed to keep water out and has synthetic bushings to prevent unnecessary wear.

Court Safety

Even before you purchase a basketball goal, you need a safe surface on which to install one. Be sure your new basketball court is flat and free of hazards. No basketball goal purchase will matter if it’s installed on an unsafe playing area!

Goals Covered by Warranty

Rest easy knowing your new basketball goal is backed by a warranty, and that the manufacturer stands by its work. You want the highest quality product and a guarantee that it will stay that way.

Find Safety in Our American Made Goals

American Eagle Goals makes quality basketball hoops that are built to last. As a result, you’ll find our products are safe and will exceed expectations for many years. We offer a limited lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service to address any of your safety needs.

Contact us today for safe, quality-made basketball goals from Indiana or call 855-699-0541!